The 3 Week Diet Reviews

Of course, as you are here, there are two possibilities that you have heard about the 3 Week Diet product or you want to lose weight and here you will find a definite solution to this

There are approximately 30% of the population of the earth overweight This is nearly 2 billion people

If you were not overweight in this way and want to reduce some kilo just this book program 3 weeks system This book by Brian Flatt is your guide for weight loss

The 3 Week Diet

What Does the 3 Week Diet ?

There is a major point in the 3 Week diet which is divided into four wonderful stages: the elimination of toxins and the second is fasting and the third stage is fat and the fourth stage is a specific diet

There are between these stages rules such as sports practice and tells us the author of this book that if these stages are applied exactly will lose between 14 to 23 pounds in 3 weeks

In the first stage, the author short everything to eat some foods and this helps you to expel your old system of eating and this phase will lose some weight in the form of fat

The 3 Week Diet The 3 Week Diet

In the second stage, this part continues for 24 hours only. The author gives you a schedule to make it easy to do so. He will start fasting at the end of the day and you are going to sleep. This makes it easy.

In the third stage, the author says that there is useful fat for the body and will teach you how to burn bad fat

Then the author will talk about dieting

Through this stage of the diet and the author will suggest supplements, if you are strict in your diet you will need these supplements, but also it is not necessary

In this book the author says that it is not only diet, but there are sports exercises also, you will exercise even if it is slow, exercises will help you to lose weight and all this follow a diet will exercise for 15 minutes every three or four days a week

There is an exception for some cases in exercise exercises, individuals who suffer from medical illnesses should not exercise only

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