In 2017 mothan 29 million people in the United States were diagnosed with diabetes, yet more than 10 million people do not know they are diabetic and live with it

  • This program we will review is an integrated guide written and written by many authors such as Max Sidorov and many other doctors

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What Is The Big Diabetes Lie?

There is a scientific theory of diabetes which is a lifelong disease that is not curable and this is quite frustrating, traditional medicine imposes that those people who are diagnosed take medication and live a specific life

Well, the Big Diabetes Lie claims that all this can be reversed and that people can live their lives easily without any limits

Sidorov, along with the ITCM points to many weaknesses in the subject
This includes a lot of medication and complicated testing procedures

I have noticed a key point in this book and it explains what is the root cause of diabetes
The answer is that there is a large inflammation in the body which causes this disease and all this because of the part LTB4 which is the product of insulin resistance

Sidorov believes that the main remedy for sugar is to change the way food is served
There is a lot of research suggesting that the components of the diet are the cause of the disease

In this book, Sidorov provides you with a schedule to re-adjust your diabetes, 30 days altogether

The Big Diabetes Lie shows you that there 7 stages you must complete exactly to get rid of diabetes , One of these seven things is to tell you what food to eat every day

The author explains in detail why there are certain foods harmful to your diet and another beneficial to the system and explains how popular foods have a negative effect as well as preservatives

I’ll point out a site you should look at as it talks about healthy eating balanced

The Big Diabetes Lie is not a list of foods that should not be addressed. This book has explained the alternatives to foods that should not be taken. It prevents you from producing milk, but at the same time gives you the alternative to coffee.

Sidorov describes the various benefits of recommended foods and the difference between foods and good and bad fats. From this point the author puts you a menu of food that helps improve the digestive system

At the end of this book you will be fully knowledgeable about the treatment of diabetes

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